Are you experiencing conflict in your workplace between team members?

Discover how to proactively address these issues in a simple yet effective way with our easy to use process. So you get matters back on track efficiently and effectively.

Dealing with problematic employees and co-workers can be challenging and stressful. Would you like to master the techniques for addressing issues in a proactive manner?

Too often we fail to proactively tackle challenging work place issues either through a lack of capability or a lack of confidence in dealing effectively with perceived “difficult people”.

If these issues aren't addressed proactively we run the risk of the situation getting worse, a loss of credibility, organizational reputation, staff turnover and potentially expensive litigation.

Are You...

• avoiding conversations you know you ought to have?
• feeling anxious before a difficult conversation?
• thinking of what you "should have" said after the conversation is over?
• wishing you had managed a conversation or an individual differently?
• feeling that you could improve your communication skills and become a stronger communicator?

In this online course, you will learn...

how to navigate difficult conversations in the workplace using the the B.E.E.F. Model to challenge unsatisfactory performance, behaviour and/or attendance.

Join our professional actors as they work through a customized scenario and show you how to apply the B.E.E.F. Model and how not to do it.

  • Learn early proactive management

    Would you like to change behaviours BEFORE they become a problem? Master the techniques for challenging unsatisfactory performance, behaviour and/or attendance by intervening early.

  • Learn and apply our easy-to-use model

    Would you like to change behaviour starting RIGHT NOW? You can navigate difficult conversations in the workplace using the B.E.E.F. Model. Its so straightforward you can use it today!

  • Learn leadership by seeing it in action

    There's no better to way to learn than BY DOING. Our live actors illustrate what to do ...and what NOT to do. Follow along as they apply the B.E.E.F. Model, so you can get up and running faster.

Here's the Secret...

What holds most people back for tackling these 'difficult' conversations is lack of confidence and the absence of a tried and tested process.

Over the past 30 years Ken and Russell have worked with a wide range of people and a variety of different businesses, helping them master the art of navigating difficult workplace conversations.

Their 5 Star reviewed book on Amazon: 'I Need to F-ing Talk To You- The Art Off Navigating Difficult Workplace Conversations', based on running workshops for participants across two continents, has been distilled down into this online fundamentals course.

  • Industry scenarios demonstrating common issues

  • Professional actors who will demonstrate how to and how not to do it!

  • Step by step process for you to follow

  • Worksheets to complete as you go along

Course Curriculum

    1. 1:1 Welcome

    2. 1:2 Who is Unmanageable?

    3. 1:3 The Problem With Talent

    1. DOWNLOADS: Print this summary for Module 2 and follow along.

    2. 2:1 Overview of the 4 Hats

    3. 2:2 The Viking Helmet

    4. 2:3 Recognizing the Viking Helmet In Your Workplace

    5. 2:4 The Sun Hat

    6. 2:5 Recognizing the Sun Hat In Your Workplace

    7. 2:6 Tips for Working with the Four Hats

    1. 3:1 Intro to The BEEF Model

    2. 3:2 Marilyn Has A Challenging Conversation

    3. 3:3 Overview & Behaviour

    4. 3:4 Example

    5. 3:5 Effect

    6. 3:6 Future

    7. 3:7 DOs & DON'Ts

    8. 3:8 Marilyn Uses the B.E.E.F. Model

    9. 3:9 Review & Debrief

    1. 4:1 Challenging vs Criticizing

    2. 4:1 Watch Your F***ing Language

    3. 4:3 Learn to F***ing Improvise

    1. A short cartoon recap of the B.E.E.F Model

    2. A short cartoon recap of the Four Hats


Course Details

  • $89.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Free Preview Modules!

Key benefits from this course

Whatever your role in your organization this online course is going to not only give you a tried and tested process you can use from day 1, but also boost your confidence in dealing with the most seemingly 'unmanageable' people you encounter.


Learning to address and take ownership of interpersonal conflicts before they become “issues.”


Instilling a culture of respect at work, managing performance, discipline & attendance issues with employees.


Managing relationships both inside and outside your organization breaking down organizational silos.

What Leaders Say About I Need to F-ing Talk To You

Dean Jetten, Operations Manager at Volker Stevin Highways

"I strongly recommend this style of leadership training for any organization looking to provide their leadership group with skills, tools and information when it comes to managing employee performance.”

Mark Iwankow, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, NetFusion Designs

“Your book changed my life. It was the right read at the right time. The biggest Takeaway was these conversations have to happen but they don’t have to be Destructive or offensive. And that has helped me blossom, raising my confidence in my leadership abilities which are shining.”

Jeff Gerestein, HR Manager, City of Brooks

"Very effective and interactive workshops with our organization. Their comedic and engaging presentation style in the ‘Managing the Unmanageable’ workshop has left a lasting impression on our staff."

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Our Customers

Course Instructors

Ken and Russell have over 30 years of industry experience with a variety of businesses

Ken Cameron

One of Ken’s clients gave him the title “Facilitator of Thinking Differently”, and he’s proudly hung onto it ever since.

Ken has worked extensively in the corporate and non-profit fields. He has focused on some of the continent’s largest non-profits, including as the Calgary Stampede, the National Arts Centre of Canada and United Way Worldwide. More than 50% of Ken’s work is with corporate clients like Volker Stevin Construction or start-ups such as CreativeSparQ. What unites all of this work is a passion to help individuals transform their ordinary workplaces into extraordinary organizations that can maximize their impact.

Ken is a co-author of I Need To Fxxxing Talk To You - The Art of Navigating Difficult Workplace Conversations.

Russell Stratton

As a "Leadership Champion", Russell provides leaders with a practical toolkit for building engagement and improving individual and team performance, that will ultimately drive up the business results in your organization.

Russell is an Internationally Certified Trainer, Leadership Coach and Conference Speaker with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. He has a passion for developing leaders including those transitioning into management roles, by building their capability and confidence using a blend of simulations, dynamic experiential learning and workplace coaching.

He is a Master Facilitator for Bluegem Learning's ground breaking 'Leadership Success' workshop series and co-author of I Need To Fxxxing Talk To You - The Art of Navigating Difficult Workplace Conversations.